We all know that the crystals we wear for the charm and some good luck as well. 

But there is another reason which you are not aware of and that reason is your life path number. Your life path number has its own crystal for you to wear. By wearing those crystals, you may get good luck, charm, love and success etc.

So, which great crystal every life path number should wear?

Here are the great crystals suggested by every life path number for itself and the crystals we recommend you to wear.

Life Path number 1- Number 1 is the person who knows the way to handle the problems of his life with maturity. So, a great crystal you have been recommended by your life path number isBlue Lace Agate. But we recommend the Tiger’s Eye for you so that you get success in life without pushing people out of your way.

Life Path Number 2- You are kind-hearted and a born lover. Your life path number has chosen Tortoise for you which absorbs negativity but we will recommend Black Obsidian because it will help you to follow your heart and a heart never suggests wrong moves.

Life Path Number 3- You are helpful and creative personality which always see from another’s perspective. Your life path number has chosen great Amethyst Crystal for you to help you to build a passion in life but you already have one. But we will recommend you Shiva Lingam which will help you always remain calm and composed.

Life Path Number 4- You are a hard-working, practical and reliable person. You can be an idol for someone. Your life path number has chosen Rose Quartz to help you to keep your feet on the grounds always but we recommend you Moss Agate which will help you to balance life and take some time for yourself too.

Life Path Number 5- You are an adventurous and travel-loving person, seeking for new experiences. Your life path number has chosen Citrine to stay protected while your journeys and travelling. But we recommend you Onyx along with Citrine to keep you protected and away from negative energies.

Life Path Number 6- You are innocent and idealistic personality which is very rare nowadays. Your life path number has chosen Blue Kyanite to stay positive always but we recommend you Orange Calcite to help you to control your six senses.

Life Path Number 7- You are a rebel who always makes his own ways with a creative head. Your life path number has chosen Moldavite to help you balance the life between the real world and the imaginary world of your head but we recommend you Red Garnet which came from outer space with a meteor and it will help you to be spiritually unique like the way you are.

Life Path Number 8- You are focused and clever just like any of the businessmen today. Your life path number has chosen Fluorite to help you to activate the upper chakra of your head to remain clever and focused. But we recommend you Moonstone to help you to be positive, focused and a bit more clever every time.

Life Path Number 9- You are a spiritual person who helps others to get rid of the negativity. Your life path number has chosen Snowflake Obsidian which helps you to be spiritual from ground level but we recommend you Labradorite to help to keep negative energies and non-spiritual thoughts away from you.

These are the great crystals suggested for every life path number to keep them safe, focused, positive and spiritual.