Insect animal totems have been playing a crucial role in our culture. Various animals come with a cycle of power. They have their own way of guiding. The instincts animals give helps us to make decisions and in carrying forward our life. Animals are associated with us not only in this physical world but also in the spiritual world. To know which insect is guiding us, one needs to think and analyse that which insect resembles our personality, which insect one liked since childhood or was frightened of. Sometimes, your insect totems come in your dream. Once you have determined your totem, you need to analyse and notice the messages it leaves. Some insect animal totems are as follows-

Mosquito as your totem directs towards those who are draining your energy. It makes you aware of those who are taking away your positive energy from you. So, if you feel low and drained. Then you need to make a check.

Grasshopper teaches you to listen to your intuitions and instincts. It asks you to keep faith on yourself. It provides stability in life.

is a symbol of change and beauty. If you feel your life is stuck at a phase, then this means that transformation is under process and soon positive changes will occur.

is the symbol of hard work, consistency and patience.If any obstacle comes in your life ,that is hindering you reach your goal, then you need to take a strong positive step with all your efforts and you will reach your goal. Ant also teaches to be a team player and work with cooperation.

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