Mindfulness is a very important and powerful tool for us as spiritual coaches. And it is most certainly no new age hokus-pokus. Lots of professional doctors, therapist and world renowned institutions use them. For a reason. Mindfulness works and give everyone a powerful boost enough to turn a life around. That’s the reason we use it as one of our key methods in all our courses and in all interaction with our clients.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Imagine this: Every morning when you awaken you have a choice before you. You may allow your mind tocontinue sleeping with no awareness of what is happening at this very moment. You also have the opportunity to consciously awaken your inner self to the opportunities of this new day.</p>

If you arise early enough and turn to the East you can watch the light began to break through the darkness of the night. Dawn is not a cataclysmic awakening. It begins with a hint of change pushing through. If you stay to watch you will discover that the darkness slowly dissolves and that which was hidden begins to reveal itself.</p>

If your inner self is awake when this happens you will notice the quickening of the molecules of nature as they throw off their slumber. If you pay attention to what is happening within you, you will notice your own being vibrates to the possibilities of what this new day brings