Everyone is surrounded by end number of problems. Some of those problems are related to their personal life, some problems are related to their professional lives and some problems are related to their social lives etc.
Somehow everyone today is engaged with their own issues but how many of us have solved those issues or got rid of them? Very few, because we gave up at the time of the first failure of our attempts. We accepted our defeat very easily. And giving up to the situations is not the best way. I will let you all know the best way by a story which I had heard when I was young. The story goes like this.

Once upon a time, a person was passing near the herd of elephants. While walking, he stopped suddenly and was stunned to see that the giant elephants were tied with just a small rope, which is tied at their right foot. No chains, no cages The general thing is that elephants can break that weak and small rope, but for some reason, it was not doing it.
Suddenly the person’s eyes fell on the trainer standing near the elephants. The person asked the trainer – why are these elephants standing like this with a rope and not trying to go?
The trainer replied – Even when they were too young and were still young, they were tied with the same type of rope. Then this rope was enough for them. But today, they are convinced that this rope cannot break it. It has been assumed that the ropes are bound by them, so they do not even try to break it.

The person was amazed to hear this and started thinking that if this elephant wants, then he can break the rope, but he himself has thought that he will not be able to do so, so he is bound. Like those elephants, how many of us are surrounded by problems just because we have accepted that we can not do anything. Because we feel that if our first attempt has failed, the other efforts will fail as well, and by thinking of this, we accept defeat and lose hope of being successful.

So, Failure is also part of life and fear of failure should never be defeated, but failure could be defeated and success should be achieved. So, we should never give because now we all know that a small attempt can take us to the success.