Energy Fields and the Spiritual Realm

The idea that humans transmit an energy field has been known to people in the natural healing arts for centuries, or more probably for millennia. Ancient animistic worldview, which was shared by all humans in the past, understands that every natural thing contains its own spirit. One view is that the spiritual realm and the unseen energetic fields work together. Spiritual activity can be measured by energy. By strengthening our own energy fields, we can interact to a greater degree with the spiritual realm.

Who Can Benefit From Strengthening Their Energy Fields?

Therefore, strengthening your own energy field is a crucial step for people who wish to advance their own psychic abilities. Anyone from intuitives and empaths to clairvoyants, psychics, and mediums can improve their extra sensory perception by strengthening their own energy fields.

However, it is crucially important for empaths in particular to learn to strength their energy field to learn to shield themselves from the negative energy that they pick up on more intensely than others. The same is true for psychic mediums who feel bombarded with spiritual interaction that may begin to become troublesome to their daily life.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Energy Field


Science has now proven the psychological and emotional benefits of meditation. And, many of these benefits are also conducive to improving your own intuitive abilities and boosting your energy field.

Your energy field is affected by your state of mind, your emotions, your ability to focus and concentrate. Daily meditation helps you in all of these areas. It helps calm and sooth the mind. It is also an exercise in focus and concentration. People who meditate daily tend to have reduced stress and higher productivity. This makes you feelbetter about yourself, which in turn, juices up your aura.

Spend Time with Positive People

As energetic beings who each carry our own energy charge everywhere we go, this means that we transmit energy out as well as receive energy in. Therefore, we are affected by the energy of others. This energy can be a boost or a drain. If you are an empath, then you are even more likely to be affected by the energy fields of others.

This does not mean you should completely disconnect from people who are going through difficult things in life. But, if you are very affected and drained by it, protect yourself by setting boundaries. Be there for your friend, but then make an effort to spend time with people who will rev up your engine with their positivity.

Learn Psychic Shielding

Psychic shielding is the art of placing a protective barrier around you and your own energy field. This can be very useful for people who are just developing their psychic gifts and who feel overwhelmed by spiritual activity and interaction. This is especially important for empaths, as it provides protection from being overly affected by the energy fields of others, and an especially useful tool to guard against energy vampires.

The most common technique, and one that works very well, is the “white light” shield. This utilizes the power of mental visualization to raise your own energy field in a protective barrier around you.

In your mind, focus your thoughts on envisioning a ball of strong white light. Imagine this white light as powerful protective energy. Let the light ball begin to grow and grow until it creates a massive bubble that surrounds your entire body. In your mind say, “This white light is my energetic shield and only positive energy can cross it.”

This mental exercise allows you to practice your focus and the raising of your own energy field. This also circles back to the first tip, meditation. If you meditate daily, you will strengthen your focus which will in turn result in a stronger energy field.

Use these tips to continue to develop your own energy field which will, in turn, help you enhance your own psychic well being. If you are interested in this topic please visit our partners at and spå On those sites you will find highly professional mediums and spiritual guides who have the knowledge and expertise to help you develop your energy field, attract success and give you general advice on how to further your career,